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Moving Sounds Festival features Moving Images

FANFARE for MARCHING BAND, photo: Sanghoon Lee

At the Moving Sounds Festival this past Sunday, Anna Brady Nuse curated a screening program called “Spontaneous Disruptions,” a collection of four dance on camera works that moved between states of calm reflection and spontaneous demonstration.  Each one of these dance films brought viewers into another realm by rupturing our normal sense of reality.

The program included:

SPACES AND BONES by Derrick Belcham with Melanie Maar and Kenta Negai
A mysterious black-hooded dancer and a Japanese musician turn a gazebo in Central Park into a sacred space to practice their arts.

FANFARE for MARCHING BAND follows the antics of a ragtag musical militia (Mucca Pazza), as they embark on an inept invasion through a parallel universe where their exuberant music is out of sync and unheard.

THE NEXT STEP IS by Victoria Sendra
Stuck in the tunnel of time, the only place to escape is in the same time, because time is imaginary.

In which a man traverses an urban landscape via jump cuts only to have a strange encounter with himself.

Moving Sounds is an annual international festival of music, dance, improvised performances, visual media, and aesthetic dialogue produced by the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The Festival features emerging and pioneering artists who focus on electronically generated music, and who are at the interface between classically-instrumented and electronic music.

The fifth annual festival was curated by Michel Galante, the director of the Argento New Music Project, and Melanie Maar, a New York-based dancer and choreographer originally from Vienna.

Learn How to Create Eye-Catching Promo Videos at Gibney Dance Center April 12th

With some strategy, creativity and the right team of people you can make brilliant promo videos of your dances that will blow people away. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg or take essential time away from your work.

Anna Brady Nuse, director of Pentacle’s Movement Media will review your videos, address your questions, and give advice based on her years of experience as a dance filmmaker and curator of dance for screen.

Guess Who’s In the Green Room
are free, half-hour 1:1 conversations with leaders in the field

Friday, April 12th 11am-2pm

Gibney Dance Center
890 Broadway, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212 677 8560

Maine Island Dance Festival June 17-22, 2013

Maine Island Dance Festival is hosting their second annual dance intensive June 17-22, 2013 in Chebeague Island, Maine. This festival will include a 5 day intensive focusing on Countertechnique, Reactive Body Technique, Choreography, and Dance and Technology. The week will culminate with a performance featuring festival participants’ work in the choreography and dance technology classes.  Teachers include: Andrew Cowan, Kira Blazek, Holly Rothschild, Sheldon Smith, and Lisa Wymore.

day rate | 9-12  | $35
single class rate | $20

email to learn more.

Call for dancers at the Dance Video Academy 2012

Dance Video Academy 2012 in Linz, Austria
Come Join The Adventure!

This workshop is designed to advance your abilities as a dance improviser and composer as well as to teach you how to make a dance film. It is directed to dance artists and dancers who are interested in the world of dance film making. During the week, you will be lead through the art form by skilled professionals and at the end of the week you will have the option to present your work.   Each day will begin with a warm up class lead by a contemporary dancer followed by an improvisation and composition class. In the afternoon, a 3-hour dance video class will take place. After that you are free to use the time to work on ideas with other participants in the workspace. At the end of the week a showcase with be presented.

The following price includes the workshop as well as the accommodation:
462 Euros or  577.00 US
The accommodation is either a sleeping room with multiple beds or a shared apartment with some share rooms.  Please be aware that this is not a standard hotel stay.

Deadline for Participants
Please e-mail us at explaining why you wish to join this workshop and state your professional level. Please note that you need to at least be a dance student (university or academy level or you provide us other proof of your technical ability) to be able to participant in this workshop.  Please provide us with your full name, address, e-mail-contact and a website (if available).  The deadline for the application is the following:
First Round: 07/15/2012
Late Round: 08/15/2012

More information about this workspace click here and here.

For more information on this workshop click here.

Screendance: Inscribing the Ephemeral Image Book Now Available

Screendance: Inscribing the Ephemeral Image, is now available through Oxford University Press. Written by artist, scholar, and pioneer in screendance, Douglas Rosenberg, the book has been praised as “a must-read for practitioners and theorists alike” and “a window to the complexities of discourses in Screendance.” The practice of dance and the technologies of representation has excited artists since the advent of film.  Screendance weaves together theory from art and dance as well as appropriate historical reference material to propose a new theory of screendance, one that frames it within the discourse of post-modern art practice. Screendance is accompanied by a companion website featuring additional illustrations. Available now through Oxford University, or your local bookstore.

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