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Taste of the Catskills Festival-New Video Installations Oct. 12 & 13

Taste of the Catskills Festival 2013

New Video Installations and Performance by Pooh Kaye
October 12 and 13, 2013
TICKETS: 8 Adults, $5 Children, children under 5 yrs. free
Top floor of the Barn at Maple Shade Farm
2066 County Highway 18, Delhi, NY, 13753

October 12, 2013 will mark the start of the Taste of the Catskills Festival. This two-day event is filled with food, workshops, activities, and even more.  This year the festival will also host the New Video Installations and Performance by Pooh Kaye at the Maple Shade Farm.  Pooh Kaye, an award-winning artist and choreographer will premiere her new video installations entitled, Yachta Yadda.  This single frame video installation challenges a yacht ride with machines, a ladder, and the earth to generate a backyard pond with destructive results.

Along with her award-winning stop-motion films, Pooh Kaye has seen her work in the Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, and the Whitney Museum of American Art to name a few.

(Note:  Expect to see video hidden within farm equipment, layered projections and ambulatory objects!)

Moving Sounds Festival features Moving Images

FANFARE for MARCHING BAND, photo: Sanghoon Lee

At the Moving Sounds Festival this past Sunday, Anna Brady Nuse curated a screening program called “Spontaneous Disruptions,” a collection of four dance on camera works that moved between states of calm reflection and spontaneous demonstration.  Each one of these dance films brought viewers into another realm by rupturing our normal sense of reality.

The program included:

SPACES AND BONES by Derrick Belcham with Melanie Maar and Kenta Negai
A mysterious black-hooded dancer and a Japanese musician turn a gazebo in Central Park into a sacred space to practice their arts.

FANFARE for MARCHING BAND follows the antics of a ragtag musical militia (Mucca Pazza), as they embark on an inept invasion through a parallel universe where their exuberant music is out of sync and unheard.

THE NEXT STEP IS by Victoria Sendra
Stuck in the tunnel of time, the only place to escape is in the same time, because time is imaginary.

In which a man traverses an urban landscape via jump cuts only to have a strange encounter with himself.

Moving Sounds is an annual international festival of music, dance, improvised performances, visual media, and aesthetic dialogue produced by the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The Festival features emerging and pioneering artists who focus on electronically generated music, and who are at the interface between classically-instrumented and electronic music.

The fifth annual festival was curated by Michel Galante, the director of the Argento New Music Project, and Melanie Maar, a New York-based dancer and choreographer originally from Vienna.

David Fishel presents “Visual Rhythm” at Kinetic Cinema

In his program for Kinetic Cinema, filmmaker David Fishel will examine the relationship between editing and choreography (that is to say the similarity of The Editor and The Choreographer) in a likeminded focus on visual rhythm as an avenue toward ideal, pure cinema.

David writes:
“With the cinema industry currently in a state of turmoil over funding and dependance on CGI, we find ourselves in a time of perpetual technical innovation and thus perpetual technological obsolescence. The ‘Hobbyist’ and ‘Pro-sumer’ class of movie-makers grows exponentially.  In recent history, VHS begat DV begat HDV begat HD begat R3D ( from 2k to 5k and beyond). Once subservient to celluloid, digital is now dominant .  Thus, current audience expectations drive artists into a race to the top of modern media’s massive metastasizing Mount Hype.  BUT one element, despite medium or format, sets cinematic work apart from most: editing. In it’s simplest form, regardless of the tools used (Avid, Moviola, Steenbeck, Deck-to-Deck, etc.), editing crafts the language of cinema; poetry via visual rhythm.”

David Fishel is a NYC based filmmaker/ video-artist who dabbles as an absurdist poet, animated storyteller, experimental sound artist, and obnoxious performance artist.  Mr. Fishel is a graduate of University of Iowa where he focused his studies in Cinema and Comparative Literature and Intermedia/ Performance Art. Fishel has worked and collaborated with Hans Breder, Phil Niblock, Thinkdance, Luke Murphy, Jason Batemen, John Kolvenbach, and The Hatch-Billops Collection.

Fishel’s DaveyDanceBlog, an ongoing performance/video art series that lives on the internet, spans 6 years and includes over 150 distinct videos which features appearances from several international performers/choreographers.

Kinetic Cinema: Visual Rhythm
Film screening and discussion of works by David Fishel
June 19, 2013
8:00pm, $5


124 S. 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Near Bedford Ave.)


The Scientist and the Show Girl – Kinetic Cinema March 20th

Coming up next at Kinetic Cinema, our friend Kat Green will present an evening of films that follow the path of a dance filmmaker turning into a pyromaniac sculptor, and the unlikely ways that those things relate to one another. Starting with the challenges of color, light, and camera movement, Kat Green found herself going down a rabbit hole of cause and effect, leading her to play with the ideas of telling a story through minutia, cadence, and finally making inanimate objects dance.

Kat Green has been working in film, video, and live event production since 1997, and building interactive art since 2006. In that time, she has created documentaries, music videos, short films, web series, and visual art with the goals of finding untold stories, playing with physics, and generally making pretty things to look at.

Kinetic Cinema – The Scientist and the Show Girl

A screening and discussion with Kat Green

Wednesday March 20, 2013 8pm


124 S. 3rd St (near Bedford Ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Weekly Webdance – The Dance On Camera Festival Trailer

This weekend the Dance On Camera Festival comes to Lincoln Center. This annual institution brings together the best in new dance films and documentaries as well as classic gems from cinema history. Here is just a taste of what you can see. Check out the full schedule, and go be inspired!

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