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Taste of the Catskills Festival-New Video Installations Oct. 12 & 13

Taste of the Catskills Festival 2013

New Video Installations and Performance by Pooh Kaye
October 12 and 13, 2013
TICKETS: 8 Adults, $5 Children, children under 5 yrs. free
Top floor of the Barn at Maple Shade Farm
2066 County Highway 18, Delhi, NY, 13753

October 12, 2013 will mark the start of the Taste of the Catskills Festival. This two-day event is filled with food, workshops, activities, and even more.  This year the festival will also host the New Video Installations and Performance by Pooh Kaye at the Maple Shade Farm.  Pooh Kaye, an award-winning artist and choreographer will premiere her new video installations entitled, Yachta Yadda.  This single frame video installation challenges a yacht ride with machines, a ladder, and the earth to generate a backyard pond with destructive results.

Along with her award-winning stop-motion films, Pooh Kaye has seen her work in the Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, and the Whitney Museum of American Art to name a few.

(Note:  Expect to see video hidden within farm equipment, layered projections and ambulatory objects!)

Maine Island Dance Festival June 17-22, 2013

Maine Island Dance Festival is hosting their second annual dance intensive June 17-22, 2013 in Chebeague Island, Maine. This festival will include a 5 day intensive focusing on Countertechnique, Reactive Body Technique, Choreography, and Dance and Technology. The week will culminate with a performance featuring festival participants’ work in the choreography and dance technology classes.  Teachers include: Andrew Cowan, Kira Blazek, Holly Rothschild, Sheldon Smith, and Lisa Wymore.

day rate | 9-12  | $35
single class rate | $20

email to learn more.

Weekly Webdance: Shambala Festival- Life’s About Learning to Dance In The Rain

The Shambala Festival in the UK brings people together to share love and happiness at a secret location with a surprise lineup of artists and programs.  This uplifting short film captures the essence of the 2011 festival and shows how different cultures and beliefs can come together as one.  With its vibrant colors and theatrical flair, the Shambala Festival lives up to its name which in Tibetan Buddhist tradition means “a mythical paradise inhabited by enlightened beings.”

This year’s festival will occur over Bank Holiday weekend: Aug 23-26th. For more information click here.

Fifth Wall App// Choreography for iPad

This brand new custom-made choreography for a digital tablet lets the viewer experience endless possibilities for choreography.  ”Fifth Wall” is an App designed for the iPad that uses digital technology as a new performance option.  The viewer can focus on a single dance, or move, sort, and re-frame the performance all within a touch.

A collaboration between 2wice Arts Foundation, Jonah Bokaer, Abbott Miller, Pentagram, Ben Nicholas, and Adam H. Weinert.

Click here to link to the app on iTunes.

Click here to read The New York Times article on this exceptional new discovery.

Dance NYC: Personalizing the Marketing Experience

Monday, November 14, 2011 ~ 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Joyce SoHo
155 Mercer Street (between Prince Street and West Houston)
New York, NY 10012


Join Dance/NYC and New York City Ballet’s new Director of Media Projects, Ellen Bar, to discuss dancers’ evolving public roles as industry advocates, commentators, business people and company ambassadors. What are the opportunities for NYC dancers in a shifting technological and media landscape? What’s happening, and what are the best practices for dancer-generated content in marketing, merchandising, fundraising and growing audiences? How can we strengthen the individual and collective voice for dance? This all-dancer panel will open up to the field innovations and case stories, from Art Beyond Sight/Art Education for the Blind’s New York Beyond Sight project to Fifty Years, Fifty Stories, New York City Arts Coalition’s artist-led video campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary of the New York State Council on the Arts.

Featured Speakers

Ellen Bar, Director of Media Projects, New York City Ballet (Moderator)
Ashley Bouder, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet
Misty Copeland, Soloist Dancer, American Ballet Theatre
Larry Keigwin, Artistic Director, Keigwin + Company
Megan Sprenger, Choreographer and Director of Marketing and Public Relations, New York Live Arts
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